Bread & Puppet's Our Annual Domestic Resurrection Circus 1988 Glover, Vermont.  (photo RT Simon)

A TRIBUTE TO... Bread & Puppet's Our Annual Domestic Resurrection Circus, The Passion Play 1986-1998 by Ronald T Simon
In 1988 Bread & Puppet performed Passion Play for a Young Tree, in which a tree was crucified and then resurrected. This was my first experience documenting an ambulatory play with the audience following the performance to several different stages, freeing the photographic process from a single perspective. Also included in this selection: Passion Play for Chico Mendes (89) a rubber tapper from Brazil; Passion Play for Bosnia (95); Passion Play for Zapata (96), (see DeeDee Halleck's film AH, for a wonderful documentation), and M.O.V.E. Passion (97).